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Maintenance Matters of Sauce Cooking Mixer

2024-06-27 17:19

Sauce cooking mixer machine needs regular maintenance. When using sauce pot, stable and reliable power supply needs to be provided. Phase loss of power supply will cause motor to burn. Keep the sauce cooking mixer clean and hygienic after it is out of use.
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Sauce cooking mixer needs regular maintenance by personnel,and the hydraulic station needs to replace anti-wear hydraulic oil regularly. Oil the bearings and connecting mechanisms regularly, and tighten the screws regularly.
Control panel operation process: Turn on the power switch and fan switch. After the computer self-check is completed (about 3 seconds), the information display returns to zero. You can press the stirring start button and heating gear to stir and heat. Turn the stirring speed control button to adjust the stirring speed. Before stopping, keep the fan running for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the wire reel cools down. The power needs to be turned off when stopping.
sauce cooking mixer, industrial cooking mixer,sauce cooking mixer machine  

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