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Walnut Almond Peanut Nut Coated Machine

2024-07-01 16:58

Walnut nut processing equipment is made of 304 stainless steel.  walnut kernel frying cooking mixer can be divided into gas heating, electromagnetic heating,and electric thermal oil heating. Longze Machinery Co., Ltd.'s sugar coated integrated machine saves manpower, innovates traditional manual frying, is simpler to operate,and is safer and more hygienic. walnuts coated machine,nuts sugar coated machine,nuts caramelized machine
Features of Walnut Automatic Frying Mixing Machine
1. Pot body: The pot body of this product is a hemispherical stainless steel pot body formed by one-time stamping. The overall roundness error is small, and the agitator and the pot body have a high fit to avoid the occurrence of pot sticking.
2. Stirring system: The stirring method adopts a special inclined rotation to make the planetary agitator fully contact with the pot body, realize the non-integer rotation ratio of rotation and rotation, so that there is no stirring dead angle in the pot, and the material is stirred and mixed more evenly. The agitator uses a polytetrafluoroethylene scraper with a high fit to the pot body, scraping the bottom more, and it is not easy to produce pot sticking.

walnuts coated machine,nuts sugar coated machine,nuts caramelized machine
3. Speed ​​control transmission device: The stirring shaft uses an advanced rotation and sealing structure to make the pot clean and hygienic; the speed control adopts variable frequency speed control power to run smoothly.
4. Pot flipping system: hydraulic lifting method, hydraulic tilting and pouring can be carried out. It can be tilted at an angle of 90 degrees, which is easy to clean and reduces labor intensity. The nut sugar-coated frying cooking mixer uses a fully automatic stirring frying pan to coat the sugar. The heat can be controlled individually, the stirring speed can be adjusted, and the stirring paddle stirs the sugar up and down very evenly, and the quality of the products made is uniform. For example: almonds, peanuts, walnut kernels and other products that need to be coated with sugar can be used.

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