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Planet sauce wok is the best choice for the value of fruit jam equipment

2020-06-28 14:02

Planet sauce wok is the best choice for the value of fruit jam equipment
Planet sauce wok is the best choice for the value of fruit jam equipment
The stirring method uses a special tilting planetary drive, the stirrer and the pot body used to achieve full contact, to achieve the transmission revolution and rotation of the non-integer transmission ratio to ensure that the pot without stirring dead angle, the material mixing evenly non-stick pan. Professional for mixing high-viscosity materials fry work.
Planetary mixer product structure features:
The utility model is mainly composed of a pan body, a frame body, a stirring system, a heating system, a speed governing transmission device, a stirring shaft and a pan body turning system,
1, the pot: This product is a semi-spherical pot for the stamping of the stainless steel body (number can be found), the overall error of small roundness, stirrer and pot fit, to avoid paste pot phenomenon.
2, the heating system: gas heating, electric heating oil heating, electromagnetic heating, steam heating, diesel heating, methanol heating and other heating methods to meet your technical requirements of different food processes.
(1) the use of gas heating (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas); automatic electronic ignition, wind safety alarm, high safety factor; as a sauce wok can wok authentic saute flavor, taste mellow;
(2) The use of electric heating oil heating: large heating area, uniform heating, with a temperature controller, adjustable temperature control, to meet the operating requirements of high viscosity materials, easy to paste the pot, is the processing of moon cake fillings and Ejiao jujube bean paste Lotus and other fillings of the preferred equipment;
(3) the use of electromagnetic heating: electromagnetic heating equipment is divided into 5 adjustable controllable, flexible temperature rise and fall, energy saving and environmental protection;
(4) Adopting steam heating: the heating area of ​​steam heating is large and the temperature is mild and the limiting temperature is 165 ℃. It is suitable for the concentration of sensitive paste pot materials (traditional Chinese medicine, fruit jam, donkey-hide gelatin, etc.)
(5) Special heating methods such as diesel heating and methanol heating are determined according to the customer's local fuel resources.
3. Stirring system: The stirring method adopts a special tilt rotation so that the planet is fully contacted by the stirrer and the pot to achieve a non-integer rotation ratio between rotation and autobiography, so that the pot has no stirring dead angle, and the material is more uniformly mixed and stirred, and the blender is adopted Teflon scraper and the pot of high fit, scraping bottom more thoroughly, not easy to paste the pot phenomenon.
4, speed control gear: mixing shaft using advanced rotating and sealing structure, so that the pot clean, hygienic; speed using frequency control power, smooth operation.
5, the pot body flip system: hydraulic lift mode, to achieve mixing and separation of the pot hydraulic tilting back material, can be tilted 90 ° angle, the dumping no dead ends, easy to clean, reduce labor intensity.
Manual: The entire pot through the worm gear, the worm manual pan pouring, safe, stable and reliable.
 6, the frame parts are all made of 304 stainless steel and polished, in line with the "People's Republic of China Food Sanitation Law," the request, with handsome in appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation, simple operation, easy maintenance.
7, the model according to the actual volume can be divided into 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L and other specifications. Unconventional capacity of the product can be customized processing.

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