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Planetary sauce wok to fry the advantages of high viscosity sauce products

2020-06-28 14:02

Planetary sauce wok to fry the advantages of high viscosity sauce products

Planetary sauce wok to fry the advantages of high viscosity sauce products
The machine draws on the international advanced technology, combined with many experts advice of food manufacturers, independently developed a new type of two-way stir-mixed sandwich bottom pot, the pot stirring part of the use of stainless steel forming a one-time shape of the pot to ensure the pot smooth , The use of steam, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other heating methods, side edge of the spring-type, 剐 bottom with self-weight, so that the pot body and stirring blade close contact, the material Stir, non-stick pan.
Planetary sauce wok sauce fried pot features:
1, all 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy to clean;
2, high-pressure boiler steam as energy, in line with the national steel pressure vessel standard GB150-98;
3, 304 stainless steel plate inside and outside the overall stamping, automatic polishing, fine welding;
4, unique honeycomb jacket structure, hemispherical pot body, heat exchange area, heating speed, high efficiency and energy saving;
 5, the pot body using the worm gear 180 tilting (tilting manual override), convenient feeding and discharging, easy to clean.
Planetary mixing wok is boiled sugar, sugar-one, mainly for candy, jelly, beverages, jam and other food cooking. Electric boiled sugar mixing pot boil sugar quality, syrup transparency is the ideal boil sugar equipment, temperature adjustment range is 50-200 / 240 degrees, can fully meet the needs of boil sugar temperature, simple operation, can easily adjust the size of the fire, And according to different needs set sugar heating temperature. The use of electromagnetic heating technology, can be achieved that is ready to use. Save energy, increase business efficiency.
Planet sauce wok product performance:
1, diversified heating methods to facilitate customer choice (electromagnetic, gas, heat transfer oil, steam)
2,360 ° Rotation Stirring No dead ends, stepless frequency conversion speed control, the use of revolution plus rotation mode, stirrer and scraper unique design, material mixing more uniform, scraping bottom more thoroughly, not prone to paste pot phenomenon
3, the use of hydraulic lifting, turning the pan haul, disassembly stirrer, save manpower, reduce labor intensity, is an excellent food processing equipment.
4, stirring / pan interlock device safer
5, the pot body using a Japanese technology stamping, pan flatness.
 6, the whole machine made of 304 material production, corrosion resistance, in line with food standards.
8, mixing pulp made of PTFE material, five side effects of high temperature. Taiwan food package sauce wok This product contains a lot of sugar, salt and other corrosive seasonings, equipment used 304 production, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, in line with food processing requirements.
The device is widely used in the hot pot at the end of material, chili sauce, fuel bags, spicy at the end of products frying, high degree of automation, equipment performance and stability, low failure rate, the food industry is excellent frying equipment.
9, the overall material for the food grade 304, strong corrosion-resistant surname, suitable for all kinds of sauces, food processing frying.

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