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Planetary cooking mixer machine is suitable for all kinds of food industry around the world

2020-06-28 14:01

Manufactures Planetary  Automatic Electro Heating Cooking Machine For Potato Salad

Electromagnetic heating planet stirring is a new type of equipment with higher automation and energy saving and environmental protection, which is improved on the basis of traditional heating.The lifting and turning of the stirring shaft of the equipment and the turning of the frying pan to the material all adopt automatic control, which is applicable to the interchangeable production of small batch and many varieties.

Machinery Features

1.Professional Technical Support 
Trusworthy electro induction hwating adopts German INFINEON professional technology.
2.Stainless Steel Pot Pioneered
Pure stainless steel 304heating which pioneered in domestic market with stable,safe and reliable work performance.
3.precise Temperature Control
0-350 degree temperature control follows customer's food recipes operation.
4.Envirnmental&Safety Protection
No gas lwakage,explosion,burns,fire ect.potential safety hazard.
5.Energy Conservation And Economical
Its use cost is 50%of that of gas furnace. Wearing parts can also work long time,less maintenance.
Detailed Image

internal structure

Automatic Planetary Mixing,stirring paddle planetary rotation with revolution

Control panel

Use Siemens automatic or semi-automatic control screen, accurate temperature control.

Arm Lift

Lift & downwards/Stir backwards

Electromagnetic heating coil

Electromagnetic heating coil, heating faster, more energy - saving.


Potato Salad


Nuts coated


Chili Sauces


1.Boiling water, Soup,oil

2.Firing dish,Sugaring, Gluing, Boiling 

3.Cooking porridge, Rice, Noodles, Dried bamboo Shoot, etc

4.Cooking Firing Fillings (Such as bean-paste, lotus paste, moon cake, mung bean paste) 

5.Cooking braised food (such as dried bean curd, meat product, green, etc.)

6.Braising food (such as chicken feet, chicken wing, spiced eggs, duck feet, duck neck, pig ear, etc.)

7.Soybean sauce and other food industries.

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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific research, production, sales service in one of the enterprises. Located in the famous dinosaur town - Zhucheng, the company over the years committed to the development trend of the food industry, the traditional hand-workshop processing reform for the automation, standardization of production. Through automation design and manufacturing for enterprises to save manpower, improve production rate, reduce production costs. Service customers include baking fillings fried industry, meat products cooked food processing industry, condiment industry, candy industry, vegetable corn processing industry, hotel supplies and fast food and other food processing industry, providing heating and cooking frying, vacuum concentration, sterilization Disinfection and other series of equipment.

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